Our Approach to Recovery

Our complete program will be approximately one year long. 

During that year, our clients will be assisted through the following:

Medical Treatment

Treatment for pre-existing medical conditions 
Medical Detox
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Somatic Therapy
EMDR Therapy

12 Step Recovery

12 step meetings
Step application workshops
12 step sponsorship
Recovery Panels
Daily meditation practice


Peer Accountability
Peer Counseling
Confrontation Therapy
Service Commitments
House Jobs


Degree Completion
Vocational Training
Advanced Education
Mentorship program

Life Skills

Financial Sustainability
Personal Responsibility
Conflict Resolution

Continued Support

Our team will stay in touch with clients as the move on to ensure continued success and solutions to real life problems

Giving Back

All of our clients will be strongly encouraged to continue to help new clients, giving back to the
community and assist in our homeless outreach programs

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