Current Recovery Options

When the homeless population of Los Angeles reaches out for help, the options are limited and the recidivism rates are high.

Dr. David L. Murphy Sobering Center

A publicly funded detox center located in downtown Los Angeles

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The center offers only a short-term detox program, and clients are back on the street in a few days, returning directly to their lives of desperation and hopelessness.

The Missions of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Missions
The Midnight Mission
Union Rescue Mission
Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission
Dolores Mission
The Salvation Army
San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission
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L.A.’s missions do an excellent job; however, they are focused on long-term treatment, but not recovery. At the missions, people with addiction problems or the family disease of alcoholism co-mingle with others without addiction problems — a setting that does not promote recovery. [or something like that] The data has proven that recovery thrives when people work together as a unit.

Los Angeles Homeless Shelters

Like most major cities, Los Angeles has many shelters to assist its homeless population

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Unfortunately, most (if not all) of the shelters in the Los Angeles area are short-term programs not focused on recovery from addiction.

Treatment Centers

There are many publicly or privately funded treatment centers in the greater Los Angeles area with many different treatment modalities.

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Most of these treatment centers are fantastic and a complete study must be done to determine the efficacy of these centers.Very few are are focused on homeless and all are very hard to access for the homeless community.

See a partial list here

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